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Celebrity CEO

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How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive By Building Community and a Strong Personal Brand 

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Ramon shows how you can GET MORE CUSTOMERS and GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

The Celebrity CEO shows you how you can be well known in your industry and in-demand by building a fan base and a strong personal brand. 

Ramon's been invited to the White House, sold two companies, presented to thousands of professionals, testified to the United States Congress and is a sought after influencer and overall grown his business.

This book explains how he did it, and how you can too.

Insights from real business owners.

Why saying NO more often will help your business grow.

How to get media attention for your story and leverage it to build your brand.

The importance of your image and the power of perception and SO MUCH MORE!

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Everybody loves a "good deal" and I've put some deals together as a THANK YOU for investing in YOURSELF to purchase "Celebrity CEO". With these deals you'll not only be able to buy ONE book for yourself but you'll see value in SHARING the book with othrs in your community (employees, friends, mentors, mentees, clients) who need it. 

After you purchase the books or just have questions? .

5 Books

Receive a special Celebrity CEO bookmark with tips

10 Books

Online mastermind with Ramon and a few others about rocking YOUR Celebrity CEO (and all of the above!)

25 Books

30 minute 1:1 consultation call with Ramon to help you rock your own Celebrity CEO (and all of the above)

50 Books

Premium online video interview with you, by Ramon, sharing your business tips with Ramon's Smart Hustle community. Video also can be used for your own channels. (and all of the above)

150 Books

Ramon giving a webinar to your community, fans or customers. This is great to drive leads, amplify your brand or overall engage your audiene. This could also be a Facebook Live (or equivalent) (and all of the above)

500 Books

Ramon giving an IN PERSON keynote presentation at your next event! You can also use this for an in-person mastermind or any other in-person session with Ramon for the day (and all of the above)

Deliciously detailed and meticulously researched, Celebrity CEO is the ultimate guide for entrepreneurs looking to boost their personal brand. Highly recommended!  

Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert and co-author of Talk Triggers