Are you a business owner in the hustle, the Smart Hustle, of growing your business? This conference is for you!

What is the Smart Hustle Conference and Who Is It For?

If you're excited about starting and growing your business, but are frusrated by the day to day challenges of growing your business, this conference is for you. It's for business owners and entrepreneurs who see success as the time they can spend doing what they love, taking care of their families and giving back to their communities. Want to be inspired and surrouned by like minded business owners who have a PASSION for success? This conference is for you!

Now in it's 14th Year, the Smart Hustle Small Business Conference - - is the ULTIMATE event for growing businesses. 

Ideal for solo entrepreneurs who are thriving. Small business owners who have small teams. Those with a "day job" who are about to leave and get their full time venture running.

Hosted by Ramon Ray (entrepreneur, best selling author, global speaker), the Smart Hustle Small Business Confernece is exciting, information packed, great for networking and full of insights and lessons.

No breakout sessions, everything's in one place. Every minute is "main stage"!

2018 Event Photo Credits - Stephanie Mann

Anna Jo and Ramon
Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray, Conference Host and Founder of Smart Hustle Media and 


Each speaker is curated by Ramon Ray to deliver the MAXIMUM value and insights to you! 


The 14th Annual Smart Hustle Small Business Conference is curated to give you MAXIMIUM return on your investment of TIME and TICKET PURCHASE. From the best speakers, offering powerful insights, to amazing neworking from fellow business owners, to the caring sponsors, the Smart Hustle experience is FOR YOU!

Dec 5 2019, Thursday 

8:30am - 9:30am: Registration and Networking 

9:30am - 10am: Opening Session

10:00am - 5pm: Main Sessions, Lunch and Networking

5pm - 7pm: Networking , Networking, Networking

Get Out of Your Own Way and Stop Losing (Tony)

This exciting session is all about giving you the TOOLS, HOPE, INSPIRATION and STEPS to stop limiting yourself and your business. It's all about how you can do better for your team, for your family and most importantly for YOURSELF. If you're not the best version of yourself, everything else around you will be subpar.

Digital Communications, Real Profits & Human Connectivity (Jill)

Every wonder why your sales are not more, but yet you're doing so much "stuff"? Ever wonder how you can leverage technology to DO more in less time and with less effort? Want to know how to MORE effectively communicate to others? This powerful session by a serious DIGITAL and PRODUCTIVITY NINJA will help you and your team operate at maximum efficiency.

Be Magnetic. Get Noticed. Get Publicity. (Jesse)

There's only two kinds of people. Those who get noticed and those who don't. This humorous and jam packed session with tips will give you the practical and real world insights you need to GET attention for your business. This session is for those who are SHY or for those who are EXTROVERTS. It's about how to take your business and your brand and get the attention of the media to cover your business and MORE. From no less than a Guiness Book of World Record holder, in media interviews.

Scaling to Half A Million. How to Get Out of Hustle and Do More Smart Hustle (Ramon)

Many business owners are scraping by with less than $100,000 in revenue, paying themselves $50,000 to $80,000 salary. This discussion is all about how to increase the PROFITABILITY of your business and generate MORE revenue so you can give back to others and take care of your family the way you WANT to.

The Entrepreneur's Journey - Myths, Facts and Everything in Between (Jason)

Join Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief, of Entrepreneur Magazine as he shares what he's learne through years of observing, writing about, covering and speaking with business owners, entrepreneurs, founders and startups. What are the common themes of success and the common themes of failures (or lessons learned).

Launching Licensing and Crowdfunding - Beyond Shark Tank (Howie) 

 What does it take to launch, license and succeed at crowd funding  

What Women Need To Know To START And GROW Successful Companies (Ivy)  

This session explores key focus areas to keep growth and success consistent. An idea and money are what everyone knows you need to start something, but what do you do to make that something grow and last? The power of building confidence, creatingand executing action plans, developing a financial strategy, asking for support and nurturing your relationships will bediscussed. 

Growing a multi-million dollar business. Junk Lugger Founder's Story (Josh) 

Hear from entrepreneur Josh Cohen on what it takes to grow a multi-million dollar business  

What Small Budget Business Can Learn about Digital Marketing from Billion Dollar Brands (Martin)  

Hear real-world insights from one of the countries leading digital marketers in how you can leverage the power of digital marketing to boost YOUR brand and generate sales.  

**Hours and agenda are subject to change. Please check back for updates.


Jenn - Perla
Seth Godin and VIP attendees
Daniel  - Ronnie - Ramon


CUNY Graduate Center

CUNY Graduate Center

365 5th Avenue (Between 34th and 35th Streets) New York City, NY 10016  


Once again the Smart Hustle Conference is in the spacious CUNY Graduate Center in the heart of midtown NYC!


Thanks to our 2018 sponsors who LOVE supporting YOUR business!

Smart Hustle Magazine

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