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Push beyond your limits:

Marketing isn't big and scary; it's completely within your reach. We keep it simple and easy to understand. Here's a glimpse of what you'll do:

  • Learn to harness popular social and video platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn for your business
  • Learn from practical case studies LIVE, from businesses like YOU!
  • Network with other small business owners

Learn About the Tools & See Them in Action

Workshop Speakers

Bob Sparkins


Dave Charest

Dave Charest Constant Contact

Dave follows a simple philosophy when it comes to content marketing, “All good things come from focusing on the people you’re trying to reach and helping them become more successful.” Creator of the One-to-Many Method of content creation, He is also the producer and host of the Small Biz Stories podcast, where he interviews successful small businesses on how they got started, their biggest challenges, and hopes and dreams for the future.  

Jon Ferera

Jon Ferera Nimble  

Jon is a serial entrepreneur and noted speaker on social media’s effects on sales and marketing. His recent venture is Nimble, the Simple Smart CRM for Office 365 and G Suite that works everywhere you work. Ferrara is best known for co-founding GoldMine, one of the early CRM pioneers. 

Emily Sloane-Pace

Emily Sloane-Pace Zoho

Emily loves helping businesses discover ways to increase the impact of every piece of content they create and to expand their digital footprint. Over the last five years at Zoho, she has worked on multiple brand and product level campaigns, and currently serves as the company's Customer Advocate. 

Hosted By:

Ramon Ray

RAMON RAY Ramon is a sought after global keynote speaker and event host; best selling author and entrepreneur. He loves burnt pancakes and bacon, on the weekends.  

His latest book is “Celebrity CEO – How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive by Building Community and a Strong Personal Brand”  

Ramon is the founder of Smart Hustle Media and (which he sold) and producer of the Smart Hustle Growth Conference.

Liz King Caruso

LIZ KING CARUSO Liz is a speaker, event producer and consultant for small businesses. She is the CEO of Liz King Events and runs the IGNITE Consulting & Mentorship Program.  

She also runs a private Facebook group for independent event planners called The Event Hustlers.