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Join Ramon, Friday, October 25th, 2019, New York City Times Square at the Smart Hustle Growth Conference

Learn from Mark Levy, brand positioning expert and creator of one of the most popular Broadway shows (hint it's NOT Hamilton); John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing and more! If you're in the hustle, the Smart Hustle, of growing your business, increasing profits and living the life you want, this conference is for you!


What is the Smart Hustle Growth Conference?

The Smart Hustle Growth Conference is an experience bringing together entrepreneurs who are hustlers, Smart Hustlers. 

Smart Hustlers seek to build healthy and profitable businesses. We are not driven by building a large company, but rather a great company.

Purposefully and carefully produced by Ramon Ray, the entire day is maximized for peer to peer networking and keynote presenter insights. 

Each speaker is a successful business owner who shares their journey of failure and success or the speaker has a rich track record of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.  

We attract attendees who add value to the conference, to the experience of their fellow attendees and overall share their own journey of challenges and success.  

Anna Jo and Ramon
Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray, Conference Host and Founder of Smart Hustle Media


CUNY Graduate Center

Microsoft Times Square 11 Times Square (8th Ave Between 40th and 41st) Midtown New York City 

Who Should Attend?

The Smart Hustle Growth Conference is ideal for freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs who have been in business for 3 years or more, are earning from $250,000 to $5 million in gross sales and have a team.

IF YOU ARE SEEKING TO get to this level then come and learn!

If you’re looking to GROW your business, maximize profits and live the life you want, this conference is for you.

FEATURED SPEAKERS - Mark Levy, Simon Sinek's brand positioning coach

Mark Levy has coached Simon Sinek and other thought leaders on how to position their brand for greatness. 

Mark is the founder of Levy Innovation LLC, a positioning and strategy firm that helps organizations and thought leaders differentiate by using, what he calls, “a big sexy idea.” Mark has consulted to some of the world’s most prominent companies and individuals, including CEOs of major brands. 

Mark has written for the New York Times, and has written or co-created five books, including “Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content,” which has been published in ten languages. He is also a public speaker. Recently, the prestigious worldwide peer-to-peer CEO group, Vistage, named Mark to its list of “Top Ten New Speakers for 2018.”  

Mark Levy

JOHN JANTSCH Is a marketing consultant, speaker, and author of Duct Tape Marketing, The Referral Engine, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine, and SEO for Growth. His newest work, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur: 366 Daily Meditations to Feed Your Soul and Grow Your Business taps into the wisdom of 19th-century transcendentalist literature and the author’s own 30-year entrepreneurial journey to challenge today’s entrepreneur to remain fiercely self-reliant while chasing their own version of success. In addition to his own writing, speaking and consulting career Jantsch is a podcasting pioneer, with a continuous string of weekly podcast episodes dating back to the summer of 2005. He has interviewed thousands of guests and appeared on the other side of the mic, as a guest, hundreds of times.

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Josh Cohen, Founder Junkluggers - The challenges and success of how Josh went from using his moms SUV to building a million dollar business will give you insights for YOUR business  

Danny Mizrahi

Danny Mizrahi, Founder, ContangoIT - His journey from a 14 year old NY Mercantile exchanage runner to building a multi-million dollar business will inspire you.

RACHEL MICHAELOV, Founder, Empire Tax Professionals - Not only is Rachel passionate about financial literacy for entrepreneurs but listen to her journey of marketing, hiring and scaling her tax empire 

DEEPTI SHARMA, Founder, FoodToEat - She started FoodtoEat in 2011 to connect immigrant, women and minority-owned food vendors to opportunities for growth - ultimately helping them strengthen their own business skills.

IVY SLATER, Slater Sucess Coaching Speaker, Author, Business Coach - Learn the core processes and strategies of building a growth business.

MARTIN JONES, Digital Marketing Strategist, speaker, author - Martin is an in demand digital strategist. Hear what it takes to harness today's digital marketing

Jess Todtfeld

JESS TODTFELD, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Guinness World Record Holder - Hear how you can build your brand and get attention for your business.


The 14th Annual Smart Hustle Growth Conference is curated to give you MAXIMIUM return on your investment. A full day of LEARNING from speakers and attendees.

Oct 25th, 2019, Friday, 8:30am - Registration and Networking.

NEW - Each session will include time for you to get together and discuss the topics and speakers so you can find practical ways to implement what you learn in your business!

POSITION YOUR BRAND FOR SUCCESS - Learn from Mark Levy, coach to Simon Sinek and other notable professionals and brands, the tactics and strategies you need to position your brand to STAND OUT and get noticed.

Million Dollar Mindset & Scaling - Josh Cohen, Danny Mizrahi, Rachel Michaelov, Deepti Sharma - What does it take to SCALE and GROW your business to over a million dollars. Listen to their journey (challenges and success) in hiring, marketing and financing their growth.

BRANDING, MARKETING and COMMUNICATIONS with Martin Jones, Jess Todfeld - How do you get the attenton of your perfect customer, craft a marketing strategy and the tactics to better market your business.

LEADERSHIP AND CULTURE with Tony Chatman and Ivy Slater - What kind of executive do you need to be to lead a successful team to grow your company? How do you nurture a culture of excellence in your organization.


8:30 AM Doors open, Registration & Networking  

9:00 AM Opening Remarks Ramon Ray  

SPECIAL Session with Joe Apfelbaum, Social Sellin' (and rapping)

10:00 AM BRANDING, MARKETING and COMMUNICATIONS Martin Jones, Jess Todfeld  

10:45 AM LEADERSHIP AND CULTURE Tony Chatman and Ivy Slater  



1:00 PM Lunch  




3:45 PM DUCT TAPE MARKETING John Jantsch  

4:45 PM Ramon's Closing Comments 


Jenn - Perla
Seth Godin and VIP attendees
Daniel  - Ronnie - Ramon

"Beyond Amazing....", Noreen Sumpter, Life Coach

Noreen Sumpter

"It was Worth It..." Carolyn Josephs, Web designer

Carolyn Josephs

"Event was Terrific..." Adrienne Garland, She Leads Media

Adrienne Garland

"Awesome.....Your Energy is Contagious...", Kathy Foronjy, 

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