Education Tailored for the Busy Female Entrepreneur 

Thursday. Sept. 19, 2019



Join us for our inaugural SMART WOMEN. SMART HUSTLE. Online Conference! 

10+ speakers & practical sessions designed to help you build a business that works for you. 


  • Heart-Led Marketing & Branding  
  • Avoiding the "Lows" of Business 
  • Scaling Up
  • Work/Life Balance


Smart Women. Smart Hustle. Speakers 

Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray

Entrepreneur, Global Keynote Speaker, Best selling author. (link: - I'm told that I inspire, educate and energize. I❤️small biz

Liz Caruso

Liz Caruso

⚡️Event Producer & Consultant for Thought Leaders & Influencers⚡️

I help thought leaders grow their audience & sell their Products & Services

Carolyn Herfurth

Business Reinvention Expert. She works with thought leaders to create new revenue streams and redesign your business model. She is the queen of reinvention - helping businesses take their thouht leadership and pivot into a business model they truly love!  

Carol Roth

Billion-dollar Dealmaker, Creator of the Future File Legacy Planning System, TV personality, Host of The Roth Effect Podcast and New York Times Bestselling Author of The Entrepreneur Equation

Elizabeth Gore

Elizabeth Gore

Elizabeth Gore is President and Chairwoman of the Board for Alice, Dell Technologies’ Entrepreneur in Residence, and the first-ever Entrepreneur in Resident for the UN Foundation. She has been featured by many media outlets, including: ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX Business, Inc., Fast Company, Fortune, Glamour, Entrepreneur, People, and Time

Becca Brown

Becca Brown

Becca Brown is an inventor, entrepreneur, Shark Tank contestant, speaker, and adviser. Cofounder of shoe accessories brand, Solemates. 

Solemates has been featured in the Oprah Magazine, RealSimple, The New York Times, Glamour, Elle and so many more outlets! 

Crystal Washington

Crystal Washington

CSP | Futurist | Technology Strategist | Author | High Energy Int. Keynote Speaker. Technology strategist and futurist Crystal Washington works with organizations that want to leverage technology to increase profits and productivity! She regularly appears on major television networks and in business publications for her expertise.

Emily Seamone

Emily Bradbury Seamone

Emily Seamone is a work-life and career coach, writer, and speaker, who specializes in helping women navigate the constantly evolving integration of life and career, particularly through the lens of slower living. Emily is the founder of Women, Work, and Life, and has had a long career in higher education career services, private practice, research, and advocacy.  

Cheryl Liew

Cheryl Liew

Cheryl Liew is the Founder of The 24 Hour Woman. Worked with 5,000+ business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world. Bestselling author, global keynote speaker, and Certified High Performance and Business Coach.

Sarah Vaynerman

Founder & CEO of Work From Om. Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Expert in the Corporate Space. Work From Om® has helped dozens of companies in the NYC area with research-backed wellness programs designed to reduce stress, improve engagement and teamwork, lower absenteeism and increase employee-retention at the organization level.

Amy Pooser

Amy Pooser

Amy is Convene’s Chief People Officer where she uses an intentional, business-centered approach to continuing to shape and evolve the company’s widely regarded culture and its people infrastructure to drive business success. Amy is also the CEO and founder of New Fashioned and a board member and the chief people officer of ProductLab, LLC and Sand Hill Pharma.  

Beth Silver

Beth Silver

Outsourced Small Business CMO, Marketing and PR strategist & Target Advocate, Author of e-book 101 Ways to Leverage YOUR small business through marketing and public relations and Special Needs mom and advocate


Supporting Women & Technology/Branding

10:00 AM  

Opening Welcome Ramon Ray & Liz Caruso 

10:10 AM 

Supporting Women in the Workplace Amy Pooser

A sneak peek into the corporate world and how they are supporting women in the workplace - we'll talk about lessons learned and how entrepreneurs can better support women in our business lives!  

10:40 AM

Master Efficiency Using Technology Crystal Washington 

In an increasingly busy world, professional women are often left wishing for more hours in the day to service clients, grow the business, and take care of personal obligations. Inventive women understand that utilizing technology--including social media, Google, and key apps--is the only way to increase efficiency while improving performance. Crystal will share how to ride the wave of technology and change to better business outcomes and more rest and relaxation!  

11:15 AM  

Marketing & PR: Real Life Advice for Female Founders Beth Silver Pilchik  

How Small Businesses Can Leverage PR without breaking their budget! Do you wonder how to get PR without a huge budget? Join Beth as she walks you through the steps she uses when working her with clients. During her presentation she will be answering YOUR marketing and PR questions.

11:50 AM 

Becoming a Thought Leader Liz King Caruso 

Do you realize how much money you could be making if you invested resources in building your own brand and positioning yourself as a thought leader? Think PAID speaking engagements, consulting, coaching, live events and SO MUCH MORE. In this session, Liz is going to talk about how she developed a brand that provides all of these revenue streams, doing something she loves and is really passionate about! (Imagine that - getting paid what you're WORTH for the value you really provide!)

Finance & Scaling Up

12:20 PM  

High Performance Without the Burnout Cheryl Liew  

Join Cheryl Liew, bestselling author and certified high performance coach, as she teach you the unique, proven and science-backed system of high performance ti create success without the burnout, excel without compromising the lifestyle you desire. Let's bust some myths, gain insights to the 3 must haves and execute as needed for success to be inevitable.

12:45 PM 

The Entrepreneur Mindset Carol Roth 

Are entrepreneurs born or made? What can you do to set yourself up for success and what are some of the biggest myths about entrepreneurship? Billion-dollar dealmaker, entrepreneur and bestselling author Carol Roth gives you the tough love you need for building your business.

1:30 PM 

Leveraging Press Coverage to Scale Becca Brown 

Becca Brown was seen on the famous Shark Tank TV Show, making a deal for their Solemate product. You've also seen her in Oprah Magazine, the New York Times and more! In this session, Becca is going to share some of her best stories for making connections with press and then leveraging all that great coverage to grow your business, drive revenue and share your product or service with the world.  

2:00 PM

Building a Support Team: Finding Your Community Ramon Ray 

One of the greatest keys to scaling UP is building a great team. In this session, Ramon is going to talk about his journey hiring (and firing) people to build a team that allows him to do what he does BEST, while still getting all the other "stuff" done. We'll talk about how to identify the right people, create relationships that are rewarding to both sides. And - we'll even cover what to do when it just doesn't work out with one of your team members.

2:25 PM

Embrace Failure: The Power of Owning Your Failures to Propel You To Success Eizabeth Gore

 You've heard of Fail Fast, Learn Faster, and in this session, Elizabeth Gore is going to talk about how embracing failure can transform your business success and give you the power to GROW.

Work/Life Balance

2:50 PM 

Finding Better Life Balance Through Slower Living Emily Seamone 

In today’s ultra fast-paced world, we professional women often find ourselves feeling exhausted, overly busy, stretched too thin, and always rushed. Popular notions suggest we can have it all, and we certainly try! At the same time we crave better work-life balance, calmness, and stillness. One promising recent trend for improving our overall life balance is to purposefully slow down rather than try to cram it all in. But can we still be a successful business owner, find better life balance, and live more slowly? This session will take a look at life balance through the lens of slower living so that we can ultimately feel more peace and contentment in our lives, both personally and professionally. 

3:25 PM 

From Burned Out to Badass Carolyn Herfurth 

We set goals, achieve them and do it again. After awhile, we hit burnout and wonder why it feels like the wheels are falling off! It’s all part of the cycle of reinvention we’ll experience countless times as women business owners. (Get used to it. 😘) So what IS the next evolution in your business model? What’s it look like? How do you make it happen? And how do you move through it without forfeiting the success you worked so hard for? These are some of the questions we’ll explore so that you minimize burnout and stand firmly in your badass energy throughout your many evolutions.  

4:10 PM  

The Role of Mindfulness and Self Care in Business Sarah Vaynerman  

Women are often balancing taking care of their families, friends, business connections and, if there's any time left over, themselves. But in this session we'll talk about how self care and mindfulness are powerful tools to be stronger personally AND professionally. 

4:50 PM

Closing Remarks Ramon Ray & Liz Caruso 


Ramon Ray
Liz King Caruso

RAMON RAY Ramon is a sought after global keynote speaker and event host; best selling author and entrepreneur. He loves burnt pancakes and bacon, on the weekends.  

His latest book is “Celebrity CEO – How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive by Building Community and a Strong Personal Brand”  

Ramon is the founder of Smart Hustle Media and (which he sold) and producer of the Smart Hustle Growth Conference.

LIZ KING CARUSO Liz is a speaker, event producer and consultant for small businesses. She is the CEO of Liz King Events and runs the IGNITE Consulting & Mentorship Program.  

She also runs a private Facebook group for independent event planners called The Event Hustlers.